The Fish we Target in South Florida

South Florida is known for some of the best fishing in the world.  Take Snook, for example, they are a hard fighting fish that sometimes have a burst of speed and then jump out of the water.  There is also the Redfish, they're called the bulldogs of the flats.  Then there's the Seatrout, a very ferocious species in the way they attack their prey.  All these species can be found in most of the areas in South Florida, you just need to know where to find them.  That's where I come in!

We also have the Tarpon, also known as the Silver King, a befitting name once you witness how they tend to jump in the air and scream line off the reel.  These fishing adventures can make the most laidback person come out of their shell with excitement.  I haven't even mentioned the dangerous sharks that you may encounter or target that are hard fighting and can make the adrenaline rush in your body from the battle.

The sharks that can be found in South Florida are the man-eater species Hammer Head & Bull shark along with Lemons, Black Tips & Bonnet Heads with the occasional Nurse shark.  Scaling down a few sizes from these sharks, we have some of the largest Bonefish in the world.  They are dubbed the Gray Ghost of the flats and maybe, just maybe they should've been called the "missiles of the flats" for they are known for their blistering run, easily pulling out 100 yards of line in a flash.

Also in South Florida, you can find the Permit fish that has such excellent vision, that it is hard to fool with artificial lures, but they sure do love crabs, it is their chocolate after all, and will also take shrimp and small fish.  Next up,  is Cobia...they are a strong, never give up fighting fish, that can be found in the Gulf of Mexico in good numbers.  They will take many different baits & lures and a lot of the time you can see them eat your bait on the surface of the water.  Last but not least, some of the best Barracuda fishing around is on the flats.  You will see them come at your lures like a heat seeking missile, then make a ferocious strike, followed by a big burst of speed.

These species mentioned are not the only fishes we can catch, there is such an incredible variety!  So if any of these fish mentioned, or others you are interested in sound like something you would like to catch, just give us a call so you, your family and friends can get started on your adventures.



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