Red Drum, a.k.a. Redfish

The Red Fish is part the Drum family that includes over 200 varieties of tropical and warm saltwater species...the different species of the Drum family includes Drums, Croakers, Seatrouts, Seabass and Weakfish.  Red Fish can be found up and down the Atlantic from Massachusetts down to Florida and in the Gulf of Mexico from Florida to Northern Mexico's coast.

The Red Drum is better known in Florida as the Red Fish and has reddish to copper tone and one or more dark spots at the tail.  These dark spots are false eyes and allow the Red Fish to elude predators because the predator fish makes the mistake of thinking the Red Fish's tail is the head and strike the tail, this allows the Red Fish to escape.

The Red Fish feeds from the bottom on crustaceans and mollusks; it also will eat small fish such as pin fish, mullet and pilchards.  The Red Fish is a hard fighting fish on the flats, also known as the Bull Dog of the flats.  It is known to tail in shallow water hunting for food, making for excellent Sight Fishing which is widely done in the Flamingo/Florida Everglades National Park.

You can fish the Red Fish using light tackle, even Bass tackle and use a variety of lures and live baits to catch them.  In the South Florida waters the Red Fish range from fingerlings to 10 pounds in weight, with the average fish being caught 4 to 7 pounds.

Want to start your adventure with the Red Fish?  Don't hesitate to contact Reel Family Fishing Adventures to book your adventure.



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