What can I say about a Snook, but... WOW!

Obviously, I have a passion for Snook fishing, even named my boat the Snook-A-Holic and to this day, it continues to live up to its name. Well, enough about my obsession for Snook fishing... here are some Snook facts.

The Snook fish reminds me a lot of a large mouth bass, but a lot bigger and a whole lot stronger!  They are a lazy (until hooked) fish that like to ambush their prey.  The Snook generally like to lay out of the current so that they can dash out into the current to grab their pray then dart back out of the current.  Snook like to hang out around the shorelines, inlets and estuaries (such as in Flamingo) and prefer structures for shelter such as mangroves (found in abundance in Flamingo), rock formations and reefs.  But there are always exceptions to this rule as the Snook can be caught in currents and free swimming as well.

Snook can be caught successfully as they eat a variety of bait and lures (surface and bottom lures!).  I generally fish them with medium rods, 10# to 12# test line and 30# to 50# leader unless I'm fishing large, live baits such as mullet and lady fish, then i will increase to 15# to 20# test line and 40# to 60# leader.  I do most of my Snook fishing in Flamingo located in Everglades National Park, but they can be caught in many other areas in Florida.

Snook range in size and the largest fish ever caught in Florida was weighed in at 44 lbs. and 11 ounces.  Snook territory can be found in the Western Atlantic from the state of South Carolina to Brazil in South America.  Snook can live in both saltwater and freshwater, but are extremely sensitive to sudden temperature changes (especially cold weather), such as the "cold snap" Florida experienced in January 2010 which resulted in a massive fish kill of mainly Snook as well as other species.  A change of temperature to lower than 60°F can make the Snook go into shock as well as possibly die.

So when you're ready to go catch your Snook just contact me to book your trip full of adventure and memories to last you a lifetime.



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