Spotted Seatrout

The Spotted Seatrout is a popular gamefish in Florida and can be found as far up north as New York and south through the Gulf of Mexico.  It is a long bodied, hardy fish with a large mouth and a larger lower jaw with two very prominent canine teeth on the upper jaw.  The Spotted Seatrout is mostly silver in color with hints of green on the back, with multiple dark spots extending throughout the body.

The Spotted Seatrout has a preference for waters within the 65 to 75 degree F. range and can be found in almost any inshore or near shore waters including surfs, jetties, grass flats, oyster bars, and inland coastal rivers.  Most of the Spotted Seatrout average in size from 14" to 20" in South Florida, weighing in from one to five pounds, however, they have been found larger as the world record is 17 pounds, 7 ounces.

Spotted Seatrout make good table fare and is largely targeted in sports fishing.  There are many methods and tackle for targeting this fish such as spinning, bait casting as well as fly fishing gear.  They can also be caught by casting/drifting, shore, bridge or boat fishing.  Live shrimp with a popping cork is almost always likely to ensure some action; however, you can also use pilchard, finger mullet, and pinfish.  You may also use artificial lures such as silver and gold spoons, plastic grub tails, and bucktail jigs and plugs.

Spotted Seatrout are a very aggressive fish in that they can make your first instinct feel like you must set the hook firmly, however, it is best to set the hook gently as you will avoid tearing through their soft mouth.  They are generally found in numbers and are a very exciting fish for young anglers just starting to discover the wonders of sports fishing.  Experienced anglers also find these fish very satisfying to hook as they can often be caught in numbers at any time of the day.

When you are ready to catch these aggressive, exciting and beautiful fish give Reel Family Fishing Adventures a call or send us an email to set up your fishing spree.



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