The Tarpon is better known as the Silver King in these South Florida waters.  The Tarpon is mostly a large broad-bodied fish that is usually silver throughout its body except for some shading on its back that range from dark greenish to gray.  Its mouth is shaped like a large scoop that is used as a suction feeder, for when it opens its mouth; it creates a current funneling through its mouth its prey.  The Tarpon also has a dorsal fin that is elongated and its scales are thick as well as large that act sort of like an body armor.

The Tarpon is considered to be the world's most exhilarating game fish for fishing as once it is hooked; you can witness the most spectacular acrobatic soars out of the water, hard-fighting, continuous fight in an attempt to free itself providing you an adrenaline pumping battle that will leave you breathless at the wonder and beauty this particular game fish possesses.

Most tarpon caught have been officially recorded between 25 to 80 pounds; however, they can range from a few inches long to over 280 pounds.  The world all-tackle record to this date is 283 lbs & 4 ounces.  Wouldn't it be nice to break that record???

In the Everglades National Park and Ten Thousand islands which can be reached from the Flamingo Marina, has Tarpon fishing year round, with the largest Tarpon being caught during the mid-spring through mid-summer season, however, there are always exceptions to this rule.  You really can catch them at any time, provided the weather and fish are cooperative!!!

The Tarpon are attracted to many types of artificial fishing lures and live baits such as live shrimp, crabs, pinfish, mullet and pilchards.  The tackle that should be used is medium to heavy rods from 15# to 30# test lines and reels that have capacity to hold substantial amounts of line.

When you are ready to have your breaths taken away from one of these acrobatic Tarpons, just give us a call or send us an email so we can start planning your Reel Family Fishing Adventure!



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